Spalding University endeavors to create an environment where all members of our learning community behave with respect, courtesy, and compassion toward one another and the campus as a whole.

Individuals who violate this environment with words or actions that are hurtful, malicious, or violent are encouraged to learn and enact behaviors more in keeping with the Spalding mission. Those whose actions are egregious or who choose not to avail themselves of the opportunity to learn from their mistakes may no longer be welcome in the Spalding learning community.

Some members of the community will not voluntarily come forward to report when another person has harmed them due to fear, misdirected loyalty or confusion about their role in an incident. Other individuals may exhibit behaviors that suggest the need for mental health intervention or be engaging in behaviors that are self-harming but not a violation of any clear rules.

This report is intended as a means to address these needs for intervention with any member of our campus community. Once completed and submitted, this form alerts the Dean of Students to the need for intervention and action. This report serves as official notification to the Dean of Students and will be kept as private as possible. The university will not tolerate any reprisal or retaliation against persons reporting concerns.

Early reporting and early intervention are keys to improving the campus climate of safety and support. It is important to report concerns even if you do not have complete information since this report should be considered the beginning of a process not the end of the process.